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Rin and Len - Rain Chronicles
"Baka, baka, BAKA Len!" Said Kagamine Rin, returning after a "normal" rehearsal. "Care to explain me AGAIN how the Road Roller ran out of gas?!" Said a pissed off Rin. "Why am I a baka?! I told you! I. Don't. KNOW!"  Answered Len. "YOU were the last one to use the Road Roller! You explain me!"  "Oh! It's true…." Answered Rin. "Well, Kaito deserved it!" That was something Len couldn't argue with. Kaito was WAY to "anoyyable" to let it pass.. They both laughed for a bit. "Gomenasai, Len!" Said a blushing Rin. 'Damn, Rin looks cute when she blushes… Whoa wait, WHAT?!' thought Len. It wasn't right to think of "cute" as you little sister, and besides, Len was way to annoyed at their current situation. "Anyway, we better get off this rain, or we'll get a cold for sure!" Said Len. With a concert at the end of the week, the twins practiced extra hard with their master, sadly, master's studio was a long way to their apartment... With a storm approaching Japan, the
:iconjaas74:JAAS74 13 15
Secrets to L.o.v.e. CH. 1
Secrets to love-Knuxikal Chapter 1: From boredom to emergency.
"Sigh" .... "It has been long scince something interesting happened  
near the emerald shrine..." Said a lonely voice in Angel Island. "Wich  
should be good.. Why I am complaning?!... Well, sure kicking Eggman's  
butt is fun, but when he's not here the Master Emerals is safe!" Said  
the lonely voice again... That was Knuckles. As always, guarding the  
Master Emerald. " Maybe I should go see Sonic... Nha... He's probably at  
Amy's place or running somewhere... Tails is way too young to go  
somewhere with me, besides, I think he's helping Vanilla take care of  
Cream and Cheese." Said the echidna without hope. "Well, that's two  
down, and Im sure Shadow won't want visits this late." He said again.  
He think about all the posible chances of meeteing someone, the  
Chaotix were out in a mission, and Ruoge is now
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Tablet Id by JAAS74 Tablet Id :iconjaas74:JAAS74 2 8 Pyro the Chao by JAAS74 Pyro the Chao :iconjaas74:JAAS74 1 12
'While I see your face...'
Sonamy, Shaduouge, Silvaze, Knuxikal, Taiream
5 Shot Story. "While I keep seeing your face in the Moon..."
"Welcome, welcome!" "Welcome to this great party!" Please enjoy the stay and dance the music!" That's was what the presenter said. That was what he said in the big party for the now victorious, Sonic Team on Eggman once again.
"Whoa! This time the party is big!" A pink hedgehog said in a beautiful, flashing red dress, Amy Rose.
"She`s right in this one, Sonic! It`s big!" A young Fox said. It was no other but Miles "Tails" Power, wearing a white tuxedo.
"Hey, we earn it fair `n square!" Said Sonic the Hedgehog in a black tuxedo. "You`re right too! Eggman did gave us lots of trouble this time!" Said Tails. "Yet not enough, Hehe!" Answered Sonic. "Anyway, the party looks great!"
"Then what are we waiting for, Tails! Let`s go!" Said a childish voice from Cream, grabbing Tails from the hand and dragging him to the dance floor.
Hehe, that girl sure took some classes from Amy to get Ta
:iconjaas74:JAAS74 22 11
'Brothers, No Matter What...' by JAAS74 'Brothers, No Matter What...' :iconjaas74:JAAS74 0 0 For all my friends... by JAAS74 For all my friends... :iconjaas74:JAAS74 2 4
'Not your choise'
Sonamy, Shaduouge, Silvaze, Knuxikal, Taiream
Five Shot Story "Not your choice"
Amy´s POV
I can't believe it.... I just cant... you leave... You leave me here.... Alone..... When are you gonna understand that you don't have to be a hero?! When you´ll understand that people are selfish, and it´s sad, but true, won't change?! When are you gonna understand that I don't care about what will happen to me?! I want to be with you Sonic! And I don´t care about what you say! We will get over this! We! Both of us! There are other people that can fight Eggman or any other creep! But why you?! You have fighted all your life, for what?! How many times have you been at this close to be killed?! You have already died for all of us! And even so, you are at my side... I can´t understand you.... And I think I´ll never do.... But I'm sure of something...
Cream´s POV
You are always fighting and running like crazy all over the place... You are so brave with anything... Ev
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Tailsmo-'Never forget it...'
"Cosmo…" He said. A yellow furred fox, Tails, said as he looked at the small plant that was growing in the small flowerpot that he had since the Cosmo incident… "I can´t believe that all I have from you is the good memories and this…" He said, wiping his tears from his face. "You just had to do it; you couldn't wait till we had a better chance. Or a new idea, or anything at all!" He said. " I know we could have won without your… You're…" And then he cried. He needed her. Not wanted, needed her.  He was broken in pieces. From feet to head. Every single part of him was completely destroyed. He wanted a god damn explanation of why she did it. Why she didn't wait. Or why she couldn't wait until he could be with her, at least for some seconds… Why he couldn't feel her hands anymore... Why… "Why…" he sobbed.
"Please Tails…" Her spirit said. "Don't make thing harder for me, it's hard to survive without you already… Even
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Tailream-A star for you...
Tailream: A star for you…
Tails!... Tails, you awake?... Tails?!...
"Tails!" Said a young rabbit over the shadows. "Tails, this is the forth time we ´re gonna arrive late to something!" Said Cream the rabbit. Now girlfriend of a lucky fox. "TAILS!" "Whoa!" Said Tails as he falled from the bed... "Tails! Finnaly! I was starting to worry!" Said Cream hugging the fox "Oh… Hey Cream… Good morning…" Said Tails as he scratched his head. Tails and Cream had been a couple for almost 2 years already. They have been doing almost everything together. Work, eat, se movies, go to parties, that type of things. But now something had Tails worried. Valentine's day. The last Valentines day´s they had, either Eggman attacked, or something went wrong. Now Cream was expecting an incredible present from Tails this day. And everything was going great, until Tails started to be really weird. Sonic and Amy were having a party of Valentine's day. The idea was for everybody went. S
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'Prayers to the Wind...'
Sonamy, Tailream, Shadouge, Knuxikal, Silvaze.
"Prayers to the Wind..."
Sonic POV:
Look, I don't know what I'm doing here, I'm actually letting myself  
free, and I mean completely free. Including my heart and soul. And I'm  
up to it. I can't take it anymore, I know that you won't hear any of  
this, but I need to say it. I have been thinking since the day you  
arrived. Since the first day we fighted Eggman, and since the first  
day the Sonic Team, and all the other teams where formed, but at last  
we all ended together... And I know that wasn't just coincidence...
Shadow POV:
This... This is something a little bit weird from someone like
me... And... And I won't lie to you... The past is hunting me and it  
will continue hunting me for I don't know how long... But that doesn't  
means that I can't change... You... You are kinda... Weird... If  
that's the correct word, but we all are somehow
:iconjaas74:JAAS74 30 32
Knuxikal - What's the best...
Knuxikal-Whats the best...
……*Yawn*…. "Umm… Guardian Knuckles…."….. "Knuckles?..."... "Chaos?" ….. "Someone?!" Said Tikal. Silence…. She was alone in the Emerald shrine. She had nothing to do… She somehow…. Missed. The accompany of the "guardian" Knuckles, as she like to call him. The guardian was always a little bit more "relaxed" when she was around, so as she… The liked a lot the accompany of each other. Tikal had never been so close to anyone. Not even Chaos. There was a special connection between them, but neither of them was ready for what was coming. *sigh*…. "Knuckles…. Where are you…" Said Tikal to herself as she looked into the rising sun. But suddenly, a shadow could be seen coming from where the sun was rising. "Knuckles!" Tikal screamed to the four winds as she saw the guardian coming. "Knuckles!" She said as she hugged the guardian, making him blush madly. "Umm… H-Hey Tikal… Good to see you
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Knuxikal - What is right...
Knuxikal-What is right…
"Hey! Wake up!"
"Sorry Tails, but we can't keep waiting!"
"I will wait for him, Sonic!"
"Oh, come on!"
"So as I!"
"If she says so..."
"Shadow! Tails, Cream, please start now!"
*YAAAWWN* ….. "Finally!"…*smack* …"OUCH!"
"Sooo....." Said Knuckles waking up. "It was time already!" Said Sonic. "Shut up, Sonic!" Everyone shouted at him. "Sorry for sleeping, Tails... I was tired.*yawn* That's all..." Knuckles told. Tails nodded. It was in the morning. Tails and Cream were working in a special project since months now, and the project was so secret, that the presentation had to be in Tails workshop, before sunrise. "Well… Since EVERYONE is so excited about what Cream and I have been working, we´ll tell you now" Cream raised her hand, showing a small silver ring with what you could say is a piece of the fake emerald he created before. Everyone looked in amazement. The girls looked fascinated at the ring, while the boys lo
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Jaas 74 'New era' by JAAS74 Jaas 74 'New era' :iconjaas74:JAAS74 0 0
Tailream - Night's Magic
Tailream -Night`s Magic
It has been a year already... A year scince I dreamed her... A year scince I saved her... A year scince I heard her scream... A year... Scine I kissed her.... One year have passed... And my feelings toward Cream havent changed.... They havent changed at all... Neither the feeling.... The feeling of us kissing... The feeling of her lips pressing mine... The feeling of her warm heart beat, that calm mine.... Her sunshine smile... That feeling....
-I havent feel that scine a year ago...- Tails whisperd to himselve as he looked at a photo of the person he loved with all his heart.... -What the hell have I done to push you back...- Tails looked down. -I miss you...-
-Miss who, Tails?-
-What the?!- The two tailed fox exclaimed as he hide the photo from his blue friend. -Sonic? What are you doing in my room?!- Sonic was in the door, he looked at Tails, and he quickly knew something was wrong. -Tail, c`m on buddy. Whats wrong?-
-Nothing...- Tails lied. Sonic waited a mo
:iconjaas74:JAAS74 32 21
:Request: Taiream-That feeling
Taiream - That damn feeling...
Such a big heart in such a small age, dont you think? I mean, Kids, people of twelve years old and so. Such young, but some of them, what a big heart... A heart that nevers says no, a hearts that is always with you. A heart that create a feeling... Oh, that damn feeling... At first, it could be a blessed gift... But somehow, it turns into a curse of hell... Still dont get it? Read this story, youll know what Im talking about when I finish....
-Hey Cream!
-Hey Tails!
-How have you been?
-As good as I can, and you?
-Good, thanks Tails...
Tails smiled, As they both walked to a beautiful cliff, filled with green grass and flowers as white as the same clouds. Tails had invited Cream to had a little picknic at the cliff outside of his workshop, wich he has been working in a new Tornado. Cream had also improved in machinary, even though her mom, Vanilla, didnt agree with it, Cream and Tails had been working, creating new robots, airplanes, and even an Extream Ge
:iconjaas74:JAAS74 36 46

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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 29, 2011, 9:10 PM


Whas I suppoused to do here?

Oh right, write......


I can´t write! Im out of ideas! I need to write something! I LIKE PIE!!!!

Somethings wrong with me! I Can´t write a thing! And worst, I have reduced my time here on DA!
I miss you all guys, but I don´t remember what did I needed to do here.
Could someone help me? Requests? Inspirating poems? Funny pics? ANYTHING? Something that could help me to write again?!

Oh, right, before I return to my dramatic show, sorry guys for not anwsering, Ill read any Journals you posted before.

Returning to the main event.........


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